Themis makes your Discord perfect!

Themis is a multifunctional all in one Discordbot with features like leveling, economy, moderation and much more! And it's very easy to setup!



With Themis, you get a wide variety of moderation-commands like /ban, /kick or /warn to help your moderators keep your discord clean. With the warning system you can warn users and give them a second chance before muting or kicking them. Furtheron Themis has an automoderation feature, so you don't have to worry leaving your Discord alone if you're offline.

Easy setup

Themis is extremely easy to setup. You can either use the /settings command to configure Themis in Discord or you can use the Dashboard here!



Create giveaways with Themis to give something back to your community! Choose the duration and amount of winners and be sure, that even if Themis goes offline, your giveawy will be running!


Themis has a global economy-system, where you can earn coins by actively using Themis. Those coins can be spent for various things, for example skipping a flag in flagquiz, keeping the counter when sending a wrong number or buying xp-boosts or other amazing items!



Themis has many different minigames, including TicTacToe, coinflip or a Magic 8 Ball. There are also minigames wich you can play together with your whole Server, like flagquiz, emojiquiz or "Counting"!

Server- and userinfos

Get all stats and informations about your Server summarized in one embed or get infos about individual users and moderate them with only 2 buttonclicks!



Themis has its own ticketsystem, that lets users create tickets for support, applications or many other reasons.


Create polls with Themis to get the opinion of your users and make your server even better! You can create simple polls, where users can just select between "yes" or "no" and you can create custom polls, where users can choose between up to 5 custom answers.


You can find a complete list of features on our page.